• "Are you looking to better your health and to find inner-peace? Come to Atlanta's Inner Peace & Wellness Center, where you can find relaxation and rejuvenation through a variety of modalities.


    Reconnect with yourself and find the peace within!

    Our Goal is to treat ailments within oneself, to promote health and knowledge holistically, and to push the power of Positive Outlook and Intention we are all meant to have! Each treatment (modality) offers a unique way of helping overcome both physical and mental “DIS”ease, allowing the body to rejuvenate naturally.


    Our Center also offers lectures where different speakers discuss various topics on intention, the importance of each modality, & opening our minds to different ways of healthy living."


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    Thursday 6-8PM





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    For all Wellness Services

    To Schedule an Appointment Call us at 610-401-1342 or CLICK HERE


    "The Infrared Heat emitted from the ClearLight® Infrared Sauna is as natural as 50 people hugging you.."

    -Dr. Raleigh Duncan-

    Price based on 45 minute sessions


    1 Session


    3 Sessions


    5 Sessions



    monthly unlimited $250


    FREE Color Therapy




    1 Session


    4 Sessions


    10 Sessions



    Ionic Foot Bath Cleanse Program

    $250, 2x a week, for 5 weeks

    *Ongoing Maintenance Sessions only $25*


    Foot Spa Treatment $80

    (By Appointment Only)

    Ionic Foot Bath + 30 Minute Session of Foot Reflexology & Foot Massage



    Employing Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Trigger Point therapy, and Myofacial Release and Stretching


    Custom Therapeutic Massage

    60 Minutes


    90 Minutes



    Integrative Massage Therapy

    (With Reiki)


    60 Minutes


    90 Minutes



    To Schedule an Appointment Click Here

    or call us at 610-401-1342


    Initial Consultation

    60 minutes



    Maintenance Appointments

    60 minutes




    30 minutes



    To Schedule an Appointment Click Here

    or call us at 610-401-1342


    Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.


    60 Minutes



    To Schedule an Appointment Click Here

    or call us at 610-401-1342



    RainDrop Technique combines the art of Aromatherapy with the application of Young Living® Essential Oils to areas of the body and feet. This can help to bring physical, mental, emotional balance to the body and clear (if blocked) the energy centers.


    60 minutes



    To Schedule an Appointment Click Here

    or call us at 610-401-1342


    Hypnosis refers to a condition or a state in which the subject becomes highly responsive to suggestions. During a hypnosis session you are given positive and beneficial suggestions while in a trance state. Your subconcious hears the suggestions being given to you by the hypnotist. It is up to you to accept these suggestions. You are always in control.



    Hypnosis is benefitial for a wide range of conditions including but not limited to...

    • Stop Smoking • Weightloss • Stress Reduction

    • Phobias • Fears and

    Sports Performance to name just a few.


    Session: $150.


    or call us at 610-401-1342




    JULY 1ST


    This highly experiential workshop utilizes gentle regression therapy, guiding you to explore your past lifetimes and to connect inward with your truest, most beautiful self.


    Gain better understanding of your path and current relationships with friends, family and soulmates while accessing your higher selves and spirit guides who can lead us to enlightenment and healing.


    “Past life regression healed my life. It is my passion to share this awesome practice with as many people as possible.”

    • Discover extraordinary details about your past
    • Release old phobias and fears from prior lifetimes
    • Healing visualizations and meditations
    • Harness the power of love and understanding to transform your life

    Experience this very special and deeply rewarding journey, led by Jessica Ramirez. Jessica has been mentored and certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, a leader in the field of past-life therapy and author of many NY Times best-selling books including Many Lives, Many Masters.


    This is an opportunity that you won't want to miss! Click HERE for full flyer

    $50. pre register $55. at door.

    click on link below to purchase ticket.



    Shamanism Intensive 2017

    July 22nd & 23rd

    ! We are taking registration for the class and making payment arrangements now so sign up today!


    on Friday 7/21, Eagle Skyfire will be available for private Readings


    Saturday Day 1 of Shaman Workshop 10-4pm


    Medicine Wheel Meditation & Drum Circle 6:30pm

    Saturday evening



    Sunday Day 2

    Final day of Shaman Class


    With Eagle Skyfire



    Shamanism is an ancient healing discipline found around the world. In current day it is commonly used as a form of holistic modality in concert with mainstream wellness practices. This intensive offers you the opportunity to start learning these methods so that you may begin to incorporate them into your routines and enrich your spiritual growth.


    Benefits of this Intensive:

    Confidence that comes from practices based on centuries of tradition

    Solid foundations to keep building your shamanic gifts

    Journey safely between this world and the spirit realms

    Recognize who your guides and helpers are

    Learn to interpret and apply what you receive from your journeys

    Ethics and boundaries


    About your Instructor:

    Eagle Skyfire is a Native American tradition keeper and Shaman. For over thirty years she has helped countless people to lead more fulfilled and more empowered lives by guiding them on their paths to spiritual and inner growth. She shares ancient lessons by teaching you in a hands on style that makes it easy to comprehend and implement them.


    What to Bring:




    Dress Comfortably

    Willingness to learn and participate in class



    To learn more about Eagle Skyfire CLICK HERE


    cost: private reading: 20 min. $70.

    Drum Circle/Full moon Meditation $25.

    Shamanism Intensive 2 day Workshop $300.


    payment arrangements can be made for the Workshop



    If interested in attending please email Nancy@InnerPeaceATL.com

    With Eagle Skyfire





    Need a place to bring your clients in the Old Fourth Ward area? Look no further! Come visit the Center and take a tour. We have different size space for rent depending on need.


    We are located right along the Beltline. Stop by or call Nancy to make an appointment @ 610-401-1342


    At The Inner Peace & Wellness Center

    Mudra, Mantra & Meditation Class with Christy Hutcherson



    We welcome Roop, once again to Inner Peace, as he takes us through a Guided Meditation



    You won't want to miss thiS!


    Marilyn Manning's Melting Pot Meditation

    Thursday Melting Pot Meditations with Marilyn


    What is a Melting Pot Meditation?


    "A fluid form of meditation which may include but not limited in any form to: Guided Imagery with Breath work, Shamanic Journeying, Yoga Nidra, and Reiki.

    All guided mindfully in the great spirit of love and light. Allowing us to create a healing space within and a beautiful connection with ALL."

    Mudra, Mantra & Meditation Class with Christy Hutcherson

    Angelic Attunement Meditations with Lee Hartman

    DATES TBA FOR 2017


    What to Expect :

    • Each session is Approximately 1 hour
    • After Attunement you may experience times of Great Joy that ends in tears when you as a soul begin to lighten your load
    • Self Empowerment through the use of many sources to Transmute Unconscious Manifesting into Conscious Co-Creating
  • Angelic Attunement Online Registration

  • YOGA

    Rafael will be away month of June…..watch for classes to start back up in July. Sign up now.



    Join Raphael for a 60 min flow, designed for all levels, building strength and flexibility through various yoga asanas. With out breathing, we will begin to ease the mind and reach a higher state of consciousness.


    Free parking is available on the south side of the building at 700 McGruder St (with handicap access) and on the north side of the building at 691 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE. Paid parking is available at 684 Sampson St NE at a rate of $3-$5 a day. IF YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT WITH US, CALL FOR INSTRUCTION FOR PARKING IN THE LOT

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    Please submit your suggestions!

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

  • Learn More About Essential Oils!


    We Sell Pure Essential Oils & Diffusers at the Center!

  • Meet the Team!


    Meet the people who have your best interests at heart


    ** we welcome professionals that would like to grow their business and see clients in a new location along the Beltline, to contact us**



    Nancy Hartman

    Owner & Facilitator of The Inner Peace & Wellness Center

    Reiki Master

    Raindrop Therapy

    Foot Reflexology

    Nancy is the wonderful owner and facilitator of The Inner Peace & Wellness Center. Nancy has successfully established The Inner Peace & Wellness Center in the small town of Hamburg, Pennsylvania for the past 5 years and for the past 3 years has produced 6 very successful Holistic Expos. Nancy balances her practice as a Reiki Master, a Foot Reflexologist, and a Raindrop Therapist along with her family and her passion of bringing the communities together around Holistic wellness. Recently expanding to our lovely city of Atlanta, Nancy splits her time between Georgia and Pennsylvania and when she's in Georgia enjoys taking walks on the Atlanta Beltline with her daughter Sara.

    Marilyn Manning

    Registered Nurse, Licensed Masssage Therapist, Reiki Level III

    For the past ten years, Marilyn has been caring for others' mind, body, and soul through her practice of massage, bodywork, and Reiki. A passionate, intuitive, and extremely loving soul, Marilyn seeks to treat her clients with holistic care through multifaceted modalities such as: deep tissue, Swedish, Thai massage, pregnancy, reflexology, aromatherapy, polarity, and reiki. In addition to practicing as a licensed massage therapist, Marilyn is also a reiki master and registered nurse. After graduating nursing school she completed a Living Yoga Training program in Yogaville, Virginia and also attained her reiki masters certification. Marilyn is a certified energy practitioner that focuses on deep healing modalities such as polarity bodywork, reiki, guided imagery and meditations. The beauty of Marilyn's integrative work displays her vision to bring holistic care to all through healing touch and empowering individuals to create a healing space for one's self. Her nurturing energy and care provide clients with a comfortable, unique healing experience.


    to schedule with Marilyn call 610-401-1342

    Shereen Amria, L.Ac

    Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

    Shereen received her Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Texas Health and Science University in 2012. Formerly the Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. (TCTCM). She is Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She received a B.S. degree in Biology from College of Charleston, South Carolina, in 2004. After graduating from College of Charleston, she worked at the Medical University of South Carolina doing Microbiology/Immunology research and she is currently a coauthor on several published papers.


    Shereen has experience treating patients using acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tuina (Chinese massage), Eastern nutrition, moxibustion, electric stimulation, cupping, guasha, and auriculotherapy. One of her goals is to educate patients on lifestyle factors to improve their health, mood and prevent diseases. She used acupuncture and guasha for facial rejuvenations, stress management and detoxification. Shereen treats patients with acute and chronic diseases including: migraine headache, menstrual disorders, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, shingles, fatigue, sport injuries, weight gain, fertility, sciatica and more.


    to schedule with Shereen call 610-401-1342

    Dawn Moore

    Licensed Massage Therapist

    In August 2008 Dawn started on her journey to become a massage therapist at the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (ASHA) in Norcross, GA. She received her license from the State of Georgia in March 2009. Dawn juggles her passion for massage therapy with her corporate job as a Change Management consultant. Dawn's massage style is intuitive and integrated with many modalities including Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and Myofascial Release. Dawn is a certified in Oncology Massage. Her philosophy is everyone deserves a healthy touch and often gifts massages to different organizations and causes.

    Call 610-401-1342 to schedule with Dawn

    Shawn McGuire

    Transformtional Life Coach

    Shawn McGuire Founder, Following Spirit Institute 

    In my life I have been a spirit seeker and entrepreneur. I have spent my lifetime following my spirit looking for things that resonate as true. In search of happiness and fulfillment, I have built and managed many successful businesses including a construction firm, restaurant, real estate company and life coaching business. All of that” doing” has finally led me to this place of being. Being in the present moment not reaching for anything per say, just following this human spirit of mine and helping others to do the same in their lives. There are many teachings that have carried me to this place, Christian, Jewish, New Age, Buddhist, Indigenous, 12 Step related…the list really goes on and on. I believe that if I ever say ” I KNOW”…then the learning and growing stops. So I continue to be in this state of curiosity where I seek and surround myself with people who are doing the same. What I know for sure is that we are all on this journey together. I will respect everyone where they are, and I expect the same in return. For I know and believe there is not one path to love and each one should be honored. I have received my life coaching accreditation from the world renowned Coaches Training Institute In California. I have trained extensively out west with the School of Lost Borders in the teachings of the Four Shields and Rites of Passage work. I am a carrier of the beautiful Way of Council having trained at the Ojai Foundation in California and with Virginia Coyle (co-author of the Way of Council) in Three Creeks California. I humbly carry these teachings to the East Coast of the United States in the hope that they will be used as a tool to create greater peace in the spirit of and between my fellows and in turn create a more peaceful world for us all.

    Call 610-401-1342 to Schedule with Shawn


    Licensed Massage Therapist

    I have been a State and Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist for 9 years. I am a strong believer in Alternative medicine especially massage therapy because it proven to reduce pain and reducing symptoms of conditions such as Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Rotator Cuff Pain, Scoliosis, Headaches, Migraines, and Plantar Fascitis and most of all Stress. We know that 50% of healing starts with the mind, therefore, my goal is to teach the body to stimulate the central nervous system. With the mind and body functioning at full capacity, an improvement in lifestyle is sure to follow. I can locate your pain and develop a plan to begin your journey to relief. Lets become stress free, one day at a time, by improving our health using a Holistic approach.

    I specialize in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Neuromuscular, Prenatal, Cranial Sacral, and Table Top Thai

    call 610-401-1342 to schedule with John



    Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic and EFT Facilitator


    After working in the engineering field for almost 20 years, Patrick began his hypnosis training in 2007. In addition to hypnosis, Patrick is also skilled in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

    For years, he has worked with athletes, dancers, and other artists enhance their performances. He enjoys focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection and helping his clients feel better and live healthier, happier lives.


    Patrick helps people with variety of challenges including the following:

    Healthy lifestyle



    Smoking Cessation

    Stress and Worry

    Sport Performance


    ...and many more

    Call today to make an appointment.

    610-401-1342 to schedule with Patrick


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